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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. F. Wyman Morgan is a consultant living on the New Jersey Purr, the Novel - Kindle edition by F. Wyman Morgan.
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How else to explain the way cats intuitively know when we need them? And though they might act like selfish ingrates most of the time, those occasions when they show us love make it all worthwhile.

F. Wyman Morgan

When I decided I wanted to write a novel about a cat, I knew the heart of the story would lie in the relationship between the cat and her owner. She has no idea that, like herself, Molly has experienced loss and hardship in her life. Although Molly comes to understand how much she and her owner have in common, this is something that Debbie can never know.

Likewise Debbie will never know what lengths Molly goes to to help her, both personally and professionally. Debbie thought she had rescued Molly; she never imagined Molly would be the one to rescue her.

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Aslan is not your typical housecat. Fenestra the Magnifcat runs the Hotel Deucalion, and she is as unfiltered and snarky as we know all cats to be. In the wizarding world there is no shortage of feline friends…or friends that have half-turned themselves into felines. So many of them walk with a confidence built to match their curiosity.

Mogget is a small white cat…usually. There is way more to this mysterious being than meets the cat eye, but it makes him all the more intriguing of a character.

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